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Dalian Anmingsi Chemical Co., Ltd.

Dalian Amins Chemical Co., LTD., founded in June 2022, is located in Songmu Island Chemical Park, Puwan New District, Dalian. 

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of special fatty amines. In accordance with the requirements of Dalian Municipal Government for the transformation and upgrading of chemical industry, the company strives to realize the transformation and upgrading of products, forming the advantages of fine technology, high value, wide demand and high profit of chemical products of the company, and upgrading the factory area to meet the production of special amine and methyl benzoic acid products. The implementation of the project will promote the development of the regional fine chemical industry to scale and deepen, effectively realize the integration and utilization of regional resources, truly drive the revitalization of the industry and the development of related industries, and inject new vitality into the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China. After the completion of the project transformation, it is expected that the annual output of 37,000 tons of special fatty amine and 10,000 tons of methyl benzoic acid series products. Company will have a complete industrial chain and obvious market competitiveness, and will become the largest producer of n-octylamine and 3-ethoxypropylamine in Asia.