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Equality   & Cooperation & Win-Win

HeSheng Holdings Group always adhere to the employment philosophy of equality and win-win cooperation and respects every employee’s individuality and aspiration through advocating that everyone is equal in front of the opportunities for advancement and grows together with personalized career development path.


Equality means that employees and HeSheng Holdings Group are equal just like the supply and demand of the labor market to sign the labor contract under the law, to confirm their rights, obligation and responsibility to ensure legitimate rights which has legal subject status. HeSheng Holdings Group strictly abide by Labor Law and other laws, and Company Constitution. No matter what kind of position the employees are engaged in, they are equal in individuality. Everyone is equal in front of the system and chance. HeSheng Holdings Group devotes itself into building a stage and provide enough space for employees to show their talents.  


Whilebuilds an equal labor contract relationship, Cooperation stands for establishing a psychological contract between employees and the company. Employees are regarded as equal partner by HeSheng Holdings Group who respects the free will and choice of employees and grant them enough trust and authorization through taking effective measures to help them to develop. The policy of human resources will help both parties to reach a mutual agreement of value so that they can fully understand mutual expectation and proactively satisfy the requirements of both sides. 


Win-win signifies that employees and company are a community of interest who need to work together to maximize the ROI of shareholders, market value of the company and degree of employees’ satisfaction. It aims to achieve a win-win situation of three parties, maximum revenue and sustainable development.