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Liaojiluhang Special Vehicles Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Dalian liaojiluhang special vehicles manufacturing Co., Ltd.,established in January 2010 with a registered capital of 211,764,700 yuan, is a limited liability company invested by Dalian Hesheng Holding Group Co., LTD., located in Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone.

As a national-level special vehicle manufacturing mobilization center in Northeast China (Dalian), the company has complete qualifications and is responsible for the development and production of various types of equipment vehicles. The company has 58 patents, granted as the high-tech enterprise,  "little giant" enterprise, gazelle enterprise and other honorary titles.

The company has domestic advanced laser cutting, large bending and other equipment. It has welding production line, painting production line, assembly production line, vehicle testing line, rain laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, and more than 400 sets of production and testing equipment. Company is at the leading level in the domestic protective vehicle manufacturing industry.