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Dalian Bio-Chem Company Limited

Dalian Bio Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2003 and listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange in February 2017. (stock code: 603360).

The company is mainly engaged in the production, development and sales of isothiazolinone industrial fungicides and compound products (main series: CIT/MIT, MIT, OIT, DCOIT, BIT). It is a professional manufacturer of various industrial and civil series of fungicides, preservatives, mildewproof agents and organic chemical intermediates. Company is the leader of the industry with its complete product variety, exquisite process technology, high production capacity and product quality. Bio also has some key technologies which has filled the technical gaps in the industry. Bio's products are sold to the Americas, Europe and Asia and other more than 20 countries. It is the world's largest monomer isothiazolinone manufacturer, domestic and even Asia's largest isothiazolinone fungicide production enterprises. It is also the world's only production enterprise with full coverage of isothiazolinone products lines. 

       URL:  http://www.biofc.com