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Ever-green Aging Society Development Institute

Every-green Aging Society Development Institute (EASDI) is the social organization of the non-profit social service activities, governed by ministry of civil affairs.

EASDI makes a comprehensiveness and foresightedness analysis on the aging society development area, contributes on bottleneck problem solution, healthy and orderly development of aging society in China.

EASDI will focus on undertaking or organizing the national research projects on the development of aging society in the coming period, presenting and supplementing all the policies and industrial standards of aging-society service business in China, aiming to form a set of industry construction standards covering the whole process of the pension industry.

EASDI will invite the domestic and international authorities and experts of aging industry to establish the think tank of Chinese aging-society development and research. We will promote the research result into social practice and take full advantage of the experts’ abilities to bring benefits to the aging population.

EASDI will carry out the research, design and development on the projects and tasks government entrusted related to aging industry, to provide proposal on the national policy-making by adhering to the principle “social benefit first, economic benefit second”.

EASDI will take the advantage on academic and education, introduce the advanced theory and knowledge abroad on aging industry, establish the talent development scheme to match with the aging industry in China, fill up the blank in aging industry education of China.

EASDI will make full of use of our resources in government and civil society, carry out the extensive academic exchange in China and abroad, make our aging industry research among the advanced countries in the world.