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Dalian Sanxin Investment Co., Ltd.(Bio chemical )

Dalian Sanxin was established in Dalian in 2001, which mainly engaged in project investment (excluding special controlling project); Mechanical and electrical products (excluding automobiles), wholesale and retail of metal, wood and construction materials, etc.

Dalian Bio Chemical Co., LTD. (stock code 603360), one of the company’s investments, was successfully IPO in Shanghai stock market in February 2017.

Dalian Bio-Chem is a fine chemical joint-venture integrated with research, manufacturing and trading with main products for chemical additives. The main products cover industrial and household biocides, preservatives, fungicide and organic intermediates. Some of the key technologies have filled the blank in the industry.

As the most capable isothiazolone manufacturer, we provide services and products for our customers from more than 20 countries throughout America, Europe and Asia.

The products, developed as the demand of market, are broadly applied in water treatment of oilfield, paper and pulp, cooling water, and also cutting liquid, plastic, marine paint, wood, leather, paint and coating, cosmetic, personal care, fiber, blanket, construction as biocides, preservatives and fungicides, as well as additives in plastic.

Currently the company has become an important investment platform of Hesheng Holdings Group.

Company address: #47 Wuwu road, Zhongshan district, Dalian