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Anshan Hesheng Mall Development Co., Ltd

The space of public building with property right owned by Anshan Hesheng Mall & Development Co., Ltd amounts to 47000 . The company was established on 10th Sep 2010 with 30million RMB registered capital located in Jiudao street, Tiexi District, Anshan.

Hesheng Mall is located on the intersection of Jiudao street and Minsheng Road, the center of Tiexi District in Anshan which is about 1000 meters away from railway station. To the east is the Changchun-Dalian railway. To the west is the Shenyang-Dalian highway. To the north is the plant area of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation. The geographical position of the company is superior with strong industrial base, rich business climate and large potential consumer. Nearby, there are Anshan Electromechanical Mall, Qianlonghu Wit Park and residential area like Yijing Garden where the traffic is very convenient with many bus lines like 103, 126, 24 and etc. that can directly lead to Hesheng Mall. Besides, for shopping convenience, Hesheng Mall provides a more than 5000 parking lot of which the parking spaces amounts to 200.

Apart from the lease of DaRunFa supermarket occupying 26000 , the rest of real estate is under self run by Hesheng Mall who is considering to bring in cinema project and devotes to build a integrated mall including recreation, shopping and catering.