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Zhongshan District Officials visited Hesheng Group Headquarter

The district governor Mr. Qushouwei and the office director Mr. Donglei of Zhongshan district visited the Group’s head office on May 23.

The governor highly recommended on our business ideas of “capital orientation and industrial resources integration” after listeningto the Group’s introduction,goals and focuses given by the Group Chairman Mr. Wang Wenfeng. Hesheng Group is an excellent enterprise, the district chief said, focusing on the strategic investmentsand new industries while developing the industry and combined with capital contribution.Hesheng makesanexample of thoroughly applying “three promotes” speech, centering around“One Belt, One Road” construction withanunique international vision. The district chief also seeked the opinions from Hesheng Group and emphasized that Zhongshan district government will improve the service, support on business development and tryitsbest to solve the problem occurred.